The Art of Enjoying God

Welcome to the Art of Enjoying God. The ideas and thoughts that I put out on this website/blog are the things that I am passionate about, but you might be a little surprised at the way I present things. I am not interested in proving anything and I don’t really care for religious debate. We all have a lot of things rolling around inside our head, but it is the heart that matters. What I want, for you as well as for myself, is to Enjoy God. The first step toward that is belief and belief is a matter of the heart.

What would it take for us to believe? If our stuff never ran out, or our eyes could see evidence of His leading every morning? He tried that once. There was a time when His people’s clothes didn’t wear out and they woke every day to see the column of fire fade to moving smoke. Even so, they still doubted because they didn’t know Who they were following.

We often demand evidence for our faith, but evidence is not even the issue. People believe in what they want to believe in. When our hearts begin to know Who it is we follow all of our doubts just fade away, because He is the very definition of what we want.

I have been in the church my whole life and I have not found many people who seem to enjoy God at all. Most of what I hear about Him doesn’t sound like much fun at all. And yet I’ve found Him to be something very different than the pictures painted by religion.  My hope with this website/blog is to paint a different picture and sketch out a little bit of a road map to the One who is…Enjoyable.



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